Hi everyone, In this project i will show you how to control LED light with your Android device along with Arduino. I am using Hc-06 bluetooth module for arduino to communicate with the android device.

To make this prototype I am using:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Hc-06 Bluetooth module
  3. 2pcs 10k ohm Resistor
  4. One Red LED
  5. Breadboard
  6. Jumper wire
  7. And my Nexus 5 🙂

Here is the Arduino Bluetooth updated version 1.1.0 of Android App.


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Video tutorial

Circuit Diagram Arduino Bluetooth Project

Circuit Diagram

Arduino Bluetooth code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

int bluetoothTx = 2; // TX-O pin of bluetooth mate, Arduino D2
int bluetoothRx = 3; // RX-I pin of bluetooth mate, Arduino D3

int led = 13;

int buttonPin1 = 7;
int buttonPin2 = 8;
int button1State = 0;
int button2State = 0;

int dataFromBt;

boolean lightBlink = false;

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(bluetoothTx, bluetoothRx);

void setup()
Serial.begin(9600); // Begin the serial monitor at 9600bps

bluetooth.begin(115200); // The Bluetooth Mate defaults to 115200bps
bluetooth.print("$"); // Print three times individually
bluetooth.print("$"); // Enter command mode
delay(100); // Short delay, wait for the Mate to send back CMD
bluetooth.println("U,9600,N"); // Temporarily Change the baudrate to 9600, no parity
// 115200 can be too fast at times for NewSoftSerial to relay the data reliably
bluetooth.begin(9600); // Start bluetooth serial at 9600
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
pinMode(buttonPin1, INPUT);
pinMode(buttonPin2, INPUT);

void loop()

if (bluetooth.available()) // If the bluetooth sent any characters
// Send any characters the bluetooth prints to the serial monitor

dataFromBt = bluetooth.read();

if (dataFromBt == '1') {
Serial.println("led on");
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
if (dataFromBt == '0') {
Serial.println("led off");
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
if (dataFromBt == 'b') {
lightBlink = true;
} else {
lightBlink = false;


if (Serial.available()) // If stuff was typed in the serial monitor
// Send any characters the Serial monitor prints to the bluetooth
//String myStr = (String)Serial.read();
//char myStr1[] = "hello this is testing!";

// uint8_t payload[myStr.length() + 1];
// myStr.getBytes(payload, myStr.length()+1);

int bytes=Serial.available();
//Serial.readBytes(buffer, startPosition, bytes);



// and loop forever and ever!
if (lightBlink) {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);

//------arduino push button code----------------

button1State = digitalRead(buttonPin1);
button2State = digitalRead(buttonPin2);
if (button1State == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

if (button2State == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
  1. Ed 7 years ago

    Very nice.. What is the download URL for the Android tablet app.


  2. Rakesh kr. Ranjan 7 years ago

    please give me apps name so that I can download from google play

  3. Tarang 7 years ago

    plz give me google app link or source code..

  4. vinod 7 years ago

    Very nice,
    please give me apps name so that I can download from google play

  5. Vinod 7 years ago

    Please send android app name or URL so that I can check.

  6. Jawad 7 years ago

    how to do the same thing with Arduino Ethernet shield

  7. Michal 7 years ago

    Hi mate any chance you can tell me what is that app name so I can download it please ?

  8. ailton 7 years ago

    Please send this application to me or at least his name … like more .. I will be grateful

  9. tripoli post 7 years ago

    very nice and gooooooooood
    pleeeeez how to make app pleeeeeez video

  10. arogya reddy g 7 years ago

    Dear friend,

    can you give us the android code please

    thanks in advance.

  11. Feri 7 years ago

    Very interesting, but how they are using the buttons? How change the button state?

  12. libyan oby 7 years ago

    Minus code. what abut push button

  13. arogya reddy 7 years ago

    very nice project,

    how can we develop android studio code for this app?
    can you please explain the steps to develop this app in android studio.

    thanks in advance.

  14. arogya reddy 7 years ago

    dear friend,

    please give me the android studio code for this app,

    my email id is: regs1613@gmail.com

    thanks in advance.

  15. Gribate 7 years ago

    Its very interesting but there is some buttons code missing

  16. arogya reddy 7 years ago

    can i buy android studio code for this project?

  17. ankita 7 years ago

    please give the android code for this app

  18. Neethan 7 years ago

    Could you send me the Android code for the app please ??

    • poorna 6 years ago

      if you get the code pls give it to me pls

  19. Romualdo 7 years ago

    The HC-06 RX and TX pins work in 3V3 logic level but you didn’t use any logic level converter or even (recommended) a voltage divider (not recommended but it’s ok), why???

  20. ScottieD369 7 years ago

    Hi there I really like this app you use to control it.
    Would you please have the source code available?
    I need help!

  21. Amir 7 years ago

    can anybody help me? I want to make bluetooth controlled 1 ch relay..can anybody give me the code..i have tried to modify the code but it did’n works

  22. Nitya 7 years ago

    I downloaded the app from google store. But when I’m trying to connect it with bluetooth module, it’s responding ‘connection error’. The application is unable to connect with any other devices via bluetooth. Can you please help us how to make that connection.

    • hardish 5 years ago

      i also have this problem my bluetooth module dont even blink my connection also right please give solution

  23. aldemir 6 years ago

    Adorei o programa mas não consegui fazer o led acender acionando o botão. O restante tudo funcionou

  24. poorna 6 years ago

    can i have the software serial.h Library link or soft copy to my mail pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    and my mail is “purnachandra468@gmail.com” pls,,,,,,,,,,……………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  25. ishaan 6 years ago

    can’t we just plug in the pins as per our requirement and then run the app? Because I am not able to do it in this manner. plz reply asap….

  26. kamal 6 years ago

    Can I use hc-05

  27. Hello world! 5 years ago


    Link for the app

  28. real 5 years ago

    need android code sir
    email: realtime244@gmail.com

  29. Harry 5 years ago

    Can someone help me please? I can’t control the arduino from my phone, just I can see if it’s on or off, but i can’t send any order from my phone, can you help me please? it’s very important for me to learn it, like and suscribed, thanks

    • Zaw Min Tun 5 years ago

      Me too.Please help me.

  30. tony 5 years ago

    scusate ma a me non funziona con il bluetooth non riesco a comandare led
    con interruttori si

  31. Stark 5 years ago

    Ciao io sono nuovo e da poco che adopero arduino
    ho provato questo progetto con i pulsanti il led si accende e si spegne
    con il bluetooth mando sul monitor uno zero ma il led non si accende
    spero mi potete aiutare il progetto e molto bella e utilissimo


  32. DIVYATEJA 5 years ago

    need wifi moduel connection to ardunio

  33. Ramon 5 years ago

    Could anyone help me, please…
    When I send change value from Arduino Buttons, the status buttons on android doesnt work to me.
    What am I doing wrong?


  34. raj 5 years ago

    sir please answer if i want to blink led 10 are 20 time according to commond how to do if i send 10 dos led blinks 10 times.

  35. Channy 4 years ago

    I want MIT app invertor to file aia thanks my friend.

  36. Naga 3 years ago

    Could you please send me the programme of this project!? Because we didn’t get output for this according to giving the above program which you mentioned

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