It is spectacular to observe the precision and accuracy in nature than the artificial products we create. The possibility of mimicking nature to technology has produced great results. This Bionic Arm is one such example of the precision and accuracy mimicking nature into technology. This Bionic Arm is a completely tangible and mimicable arm that follows the instructions provided through a wearable strap by the user.


This arm is of two systems – The working arm, and the control band worn by the user. This control band is the basic sensory unit that will control the Arm.


This Bionic Arm in Mass-Production will definitely improve Man-power, Automation, Medical procedures without contact.


Practical Applications

Circuit Diagram 1

Circuit Diagram 2

Bionic Arm and Sensory System

  1. Sai Amareswar 12 months ago

    Superb idea….

  2. Sai Amareswar 12 months ago

    Superb idea..

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