The global pandemic has affected the whole world and even in such critical situation, banks and medical stores, grocery shops are open and the lack of social distancing at such places can be very risky and these places can be nodes for more people getting affected by the virus. De-socializer is the system which can be used to solve this problem


The project is a prototype of a system that can be used to maintain social distancing at medicals, grocery shops, malls, banks, etc.

It can limit the number of people into the shop and a pair of laser and LDR sensors placed 6 feet away from each othet can be used to maintain social distancing.

If a person moves away from the given fixed position, a warning buzzer will go on notifying that the person should return to his position. The number of customers into the shop is also limited by using an IR sensor and servo motor. Also the data of number of customers into a shop is being updated constantly on firebase.


nodeMCU, IR sensor, servo motor, laser module, LDR, resistor, active buzzer, jumper wires.

Future Scope:

The data updated on firebase can be displayed in an app as well. So we can see the number of customers in a shop sitting at our home. We can add an option of booking a slot as well.

Demonstration of the project


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