Fire Fighting Robot is a work of MOHD SOHAIL. This robot can be used to extinguish fire by spraying water on fire.

This can be controlled via Android Mobile Application. When there is fire , fire alert can be seen on the application, and then robot can be controlled with app to spray water on fire. When fire extinguishes , there will be no fire alert on app screen.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. L293D motor driver shield
  3. DC motors x 4
  4. Motors wheels x 4
  5. Water spray
  6. Water Pump
  7. LEDs red x 2
  8. Speaker
  9. Relay module
  10. Jumper Wires
  11. Bluetooth Module
  12. Robot chasis
  13. Servo motor
  14. 18650 batteries

Make Robot

  1. Take Chasis and stick all 4 motors with wheels.
  2. Place Arduino and L293D motor driver on Arduino
  3. Stick Bluetooth module
  4. Take water pump ( DC ) and place it inside a water container and place it on robot
  5. Connect spray
  6. Stick servo motor
  7. stick relay module on robot
  8. Connect Leds and Speaker to it.
  9. Do connections
  10. Upload the code
  11. Install Mobile application
  12. Connect to bluetooth module
  13. Create fire and extinguish it with robot


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