Hello friends! Hope you are enjoying our projects..here is one more project.. In this article you can see the video demo to control servo with using GY-521 (MPU-6050) and Arduino Uno.

Here is the video tutorial

  1. andré 7 years ago

    Hi i’m André, i’m from Brazil, i would code for a science project, i tried but always the problem in mpu6050 could send me te code? Please. Thank you for attention.

  2. gagan 7 years ago

    can i use stepper motor instead of servo?
    if yes please send me the code for it

  3. Masrihan 7 years ago

    Very much apreciated if you could email me the code and circuit diagram as for reference for my mechatronics project. Thanks.

  4. GVS 7 years ago

    Where can I see the code of the program?
    Please send to my e-mail.
    Thank you.

  5. scha 7 years ago

    i’ve problem with the programming of the mpu6050. can u help me?

  6. mubin mahadhir 6 years ago

    nice project! can u email me your code please? here is my email mubinmechatronic@gmail.com tq very much

  7. mythili 4 years ago

    show us how to do?…..tell us the procedure and code….

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