The need for effective and efficient real time monitoring of drinking water quality has become more demanding in this era of urbanization, pollution and population growth. Ensuring safe water supply of drinking water is a big challenge for modern civilization. Traditional methods that rely on collecting water samples, testing and analysis in laboratories are not only costly but also lack capability for real-time data capture, analysis and fast dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders for making timely and informed decisions. In this project, a real time water quality monitoring system prototype is developed for drinking water quality monitoring.

The development was preceded by evaluation of prevailing environment including availability of cellular network coverage at the site of operation. The system consists of a core controller, water quality measurement sensors like pH-sensor, TDS sensor, Temperature Sensor. It detects pH, Turbidity, Electrical Conductivity, Temperature of drinking water in real-time and disseminates the information in graphical and tabular formats to relevant stakeholders through a mobile phone application platform. The system has great prospect and can be used to operate in real world environment for monitoring quality of drinking water by providing key water quality parameters with relevant and timely information to facilitate quick action to be taken in case of any contamination. Water quality can be monitored in real time from any remote location with the help of Internet of Things (IOT) which is a recent technology. Hence, this system strives to reduce manual efforts and time involved in water quality monitoring.

Testing Images

Mobile Application Image

Testing Image 1

Circuit 1

Circuit 2

Result 1

Result 2

Inside Image


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