A lot of energy get wasted in the form of light due to continuously turned on street lights. A street light is needed at night when a person or a car passes through.

This project shows the working of an Smart Street Light which can save a lot of energy. When a car or an object passes, the IR sensor just below the light detects it and turn the Light on.

Below is the link for video

Images of project

Bluetooth controlled car

  1. Chandan Sharma 12 months ago

    Nice project aman!

  2. Harshit Singh 12 months ago

    Great, such a futuristic thought.

  3. Gautam Sharma 12 months ago

    It was so knowledgeable and intresting.

  4. Ayush Srivastava 12 months ago

    Good work keep it up

  5. Gaurav 12 months ago

    Very well build

  6. Aman Chaudhary 12 months ago

    Excellent 🔥

  7. Aniket Gupta 12 months ago

    Great work sir

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